About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at DYLIS is to give every woman a chance to make their own statement about who they are and feel comfortable in their own skin. We all have our own distinct style, but these days fashion companies are more concerned with what the most recent trend is and not what makes their customers feel beautiful and most like themselves. That’s why we named our company DYLIS, so you can define your life in style, on your terms.

Who We Are

We are two sisters who grew up in Southern California stealing each other’s clothes and trying to emulate the recent fashions. But as we got older, we started to feel like what clothes worked for one of us didn’t necessarily work for the other. As we defined our own individual senses of style and wore pieces we loved and made us feel beautiful, our confidence grew.

We wanted to bring this feeling of confidence and control into the closets of women everywhere. We have created curated styles with you in mind so you can define your life in style.